Ladies’ Code fans organize “Worldwide Candlelight Vigil” for EunB and RiSe



Fans will be gathering on September 8th for an all-day vigil in cities around the world at night, to light a candle in memory of Ladies’ Code EunB and RiSe. 

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Ladies’ Code show show unbreakable bond they shared during RiSe’ last birthday party with fans



Fans and media alike have begun sharing photos, videos, and news on Ladies’ Code in an effort to ensure the group is not forgotten.

Photos and videos of RiSe’ birthday party in 2013 are emerging, showcasing how strong the groups bond was with each other.

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Krystal <3 <3 <3

Tiffany <3 <3

*Hebe* for Marie Claire 美麗佳人 <3 <3 <3 <3

List of S.H.E’s MVs


Girl’s Dorm

  1. 戀人未滿
  2. Beauty Up My Life
  3. 冰箱
  4. Too Much
  5. 你還好不好
  6. 他就是他

Youth Society

  1. Remember
  2. Belief
  3. 幸福留言
  4. 給我多一點
  5. 熱帶雨林
  6. 記得要忘記
  7. 圍巾
  8. 愛我的資格
  9. I’ve Never Been To Me
  1. Always on My Mind
  2. 白色戀歌
  3. 天使在唱歌
  4. 我和幸福有約定
Super Star
  1. 候鳥
  2. 痛快
  3. 別說對不起
  4. 我愛你
  5. 鬥牛士之歌
  6. 對號入座
  7. 金鐘罩鐵布衫
  8. 大女人主義
  9. 不在場
  10. 保持微笑
Once Upon a Time
Map of Love
Ella To Be EP
Other Songs
MVs they appeared in

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Hebe <3 <3 <3

This is HOW I <3 <3 JESSICA JUNG ALOT through in my Heart!! <3 < She makes me feel happy whatever i see her & she is the most Cute & Cheerful girl in my eyes!

for soshi’s 6th bday: why I love them
Jessica ♥
She’s probably the sweetest one. Despite her cold look and face, she is always caring and charismatic when it comes to her fans or people who come to talk to her, really trying to know her better, trying to give her a chance. She’s always showing aegyo, clinging on her members, being a silly and a dorky, laughing, smiling, but most important, Jessica never fakes being someone she’s not. She is always 100% herself, whenever she doesn’t care about doing the coreography properly, whenever she is embarrassing, whenever she acts like a dumb, whenever she sleeps sitting, whenever she’s complaining about something, whenever she screams like a dolphin. Jessica is always Jessica, she is always honest and pure. I believe she uncounsciously tries to teach us to be like her. This feature of her is really one of the most beautiful things someone can have. She has a strong personality and will never change it, for nothing and no one. And this personality of her is really, really amazing. Funny, sweet, cute, beautiful, caring, cool, fashion, lazy, talented, lovely. Jessica is all of that, and in her own way. That’s what makes her so special. <3